Pre-war car privileges

Building on the success of 2023

Belfort’s historic centre is indeed the ideal home for pre-war aircraft and their crews.
L’Arsenal, at the foot of the Lion, is a comfortable, fully tarmacked competitor park with wide lanes, guarded on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Access is easy, perfectly signposted and just opposite is the unloading area on the motorhome trailer aprc.
We’re just 100 m from restaurants and shops, and close to the main hotels.

The administrative checks are on the other side of the Vauban wall, as you can see in the Driver/Map tab.

montee historique ballon dalsace 2023 les avant guerre img 7287
montee historique ballon dalsace 2023 les avant guerre img 5343

Here's the favourite pre-war programme:

  • Postponed start time on Sunday morning 8.45am (7.30am for others)

  • Start without queuing on a flat section
    Priority return for the second climb, no waiting at the summit

  • First departure for the second ascent
    VIP welcome before the war at the summit

  • Lunch at the VIP area in Lepuix, regardless of the registration option chosen

  • First departure for the third climb in the afternoon

  • Priority return and first departure for the fourth ascent

  • Free shuttle Lepuix Belfort return journey
    Free shuttle service between competitors’ park and hotels in Belfort Ville

Don’t forget the parade and the reception at the town hall.