2024 news

12.7 km route

As in 2023, the finish will be at the summit in front of the Hôtel du Sommet.
The regrouping park is 100 m from the summit on the Vosges side (see maps in the pilots tab).

format and dates

Checks on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and climbs on Sunday 18 August 2024


Friday Saturday at Lepuix

Parc d’Assistance (opposite salle Polyvalente)

Friday – Saturday in Belfort in the heart of the Historic City Arsenal car park
Sunday departure from Lepuix (service park and lunch)


You will be called to the Pre-Grid at 7.45am on Sunday morning (first car at the start at 8.15am).

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The programme

Friday – Saturday


  • Welcome at the Arsenal car park (see Drivers/Plans tab on the website)
  • Administrative and technical checks
    Guarded competitors’ park on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday evening
  • Trailer and camper park 100m away

Saturday 17th

  • 18h00 Briefing podium Arsenal
  • 18:30 City Parade
  • 19.30 Reception at the Town Hall
  • 20:30 Gala garden at the Arsenal

Sunday the 18th

  • 7.00 am Departure from the Arsenal in an escorted convoy for Lepuix.


Friday Saturday

  • Service park opposite the Salle Polyvalente


  • We join the start (idem 2023)
  • Return via Rue de la Savoureuse, football stadium, salle polyvalente, Lepuix centre and return via Route du Ballon (no U-turn)
  • Service park opposite the Salle Polyvalente
  • Lunch in Lepuix at the Salle Polyvalente opposite the service park (duration 1h30)
    or VIP area for Vintage and All Inclusive


At the request of our host, the town of Belfort, a parade through the town will be held on Saturday. Departure at 6.15pm, maximum distance 4km, with escort.

We’re counting on your participation

Town Hall reception

Parade participants will be invited to a reception at Hôtel de Ville at 7.15pm, generally in the main courtyard.

Parc regroupement

It will be at the summit behind the information point opposite the Démineurs bar, as it will be in 2023.

100 m after the finish, in the middle of the bars and terraces

(see pilot/plan tab)


As in 2023, under the VIP Area marquee next to the start for Vintage, ALL Inclusive and Avant Guerre,

and a multi-purpose hall opposite the service park for the other categories.

montee historique ballon dalsace ambiance img 5281
Alain Renaud (4) (Copy)

Unregistered cars

Once you have presented your vehicle for checking in Belfort, you can return to Lepuix and leave your vehicle (car + trailer) at the service park.

A shuttle bus can take you back to Belfort.


You have two options:

  • You can either set up in Belfort right next to the competitors’ park in the same park as the stages.
  • Or you can set up directly at the Lepuix service park.

Service park

In Lepuix, opposite the salle polyvalente, electricity supply available for motorhomes and camping cars.
Sanitary facilities available in the village hall.


Saturday evening saw the organisation of a Garden Party under small marquees in a corner of the Arsenal,

Country atmosphere,
There will be a dozen buffet points dotted around the area, alongside the Open Bar.

CHICANES and Panels

montee historique ballon dalsace chicanes panneaux chicane