Safety instructions


Dear Spectators,

Motor-Sport is dangerous!

Watching a Historic Hillclimb is a superb spectacle. To enjoy it in complete safety,please respect a few simple rules:-

-Observe and obey any advice or instructions given by the Gendarmerie, the Marshals, and the Organisers.

-Place yourselves only in the  Green Zones marked in your programme.

It is strictly forbidden to:

-Drive, ride or walk along the route (or beside it) on Sunday 11th. August from 07h00 to 19h00.

-Cross the route anywhere except at the passages controlled by flag-marshals. (Do not trust your ears, some cars are very quiet!)

-Leave children unattended. Keep hold of them and keep them away from the edge of the road.

You should:

- keep animals on a lead.

-Respect the local residents, their private properties, and the coutryside. (fences,gardens,etc.)

-Clear up your litter(wrappers, bottles, bags, etc.) There are rubbish bins in place for public use, please do not obstruct them.


Interruptions in the programme are always possible, the cars will pass again in a few minutes, or maybe a half-hour or even longer.
Be patient, we will keep you informed by the Course Director's car or the public address speakers. In any event, don't go on the road!

It is only with your support and collaboration that these  motorsport events can continue to exist.

Help us by maintaining a clean safety record. Be on your guard!

Thankyou, and have a great day!

The Team.

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