We the undersigned, representing
CERTIFY that the Public Liability/Third Party Risk of
Owner of the vehicle
Make:                                              Model:
Registration N°                               (if applicable)
Is guaranteed under the Policy N°
In respect of his/her participation in the Montée Historique Internationale of the Ballon d'Alsace on 11-12 August 2018.
Date & Stamp
Dear drivers: In France the Historic Hillclimbs on closed roads are in the same category as race-tracks. The majority of Insurance Policies, even those proposed by companies and agents who specialise in Classic & Historic vehicles,exclude use on race-tracks even though there may be no timing or classification. 
You will understand,therefore, that we cannot accept the presentation of the simple "GreenCard" It is your Civil responsibiity which must be guaranteed. For our part, we have a policy for Event Organisers, provided by Assurances Lestienne at Reims. We ask you , for your your safety and peace of mind, to ask your Insurance Provider for an attestation similar to the model at the top of this page, which specifies that your Third Party Risk and Civil Responsability are guaranteed while taking part in a Demonstration Hillclimb on closed roads without timing or classification. In the UK this is similar to a TrackDay event with spectators present.
If your current policy does not cover this, please go to the French page and download the Proposition Form from Lestienne Assurances. This is only a proposition, it is only valid after acceptance by Lestienne, and payment of the premium(which is very reasonable).
CARS: Formula 1 covers material damage to infrastructure & property, and physical injury to other people including the passenger.
             Physical injury cover for the driver is only available as an extension to F1 , and must be specified with the proposal.
MOTORCYCLES&SIDECARS:The sidecar passenger is insured as part of the Civil Responsability of the driver. 

NB: this is our interpretation and is not legally binding. All insurance queries, including questions of interpretation, must be verified in advance with the Insurers.

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