Thursday 12,Friday 13,Saturday 14  August 2021


ART 1: Organisation
               L'Association Historally , 88200 Saint Nabord, organise on 12-13-14 August 2021
                The Montee Historique International du Ballon d'Alsace , which is a commemorative
                demonstration (non-competitive) hillclimb on closed roads. The road will be closed to the public and reserved for the event on Saturday 14th August 2021.

1.1            Secretariat : Historally 34b Rue du Vieux Chaumont  ,   Saint Nabord       Tel +33 (0) 608078713

1.3           Director of the Organisation                                                 Jean-Pierre Munsch
                 Course Directors                                                                       Denis Duroc      Guy Fellmann
                 Coordinator General                                                               Giles Lalevee
                 Director Safety arrangements                                               Germain Chippaux
                 Responsable :Drivers' assembly/paddock                            Dominique Thiriet
                 Scrutineers                                                                                   Claude Thiriet , Benjamin Munsch , Romain Delaroux
                 Responsables :Spectator Safety                                              Fabrice Mongel, David Dieudonné, Alexandre Claude,
                                                                                                                                                   Jean-Marie Bourgoin.
                 Public Relations                                                                           Emmanuelle Bruard
                 Accreditation Press/Medias                                                     Jean-Pierre MLunsch
                 Relations Residents/Competitors                                             Philippe Robert
                 Social Network Notices                                                               Claude Noel
                 Organisation Salon "New Mobility"                                      Brigitte Bresson, Adrien Baly

ART.2:Times & Provisional programme

Entries open                                                       01 December 2020
Entries Close                                                      15 June 2021
Welcome Exhibitors and Partners              12 August  from 14h
Welcome Drivers & Teams                            12 & 13  August  2021 
Inspection Papers,Docs, etc                          12 & 13 August 2021 from 8h30 
Scrutineering cars                                            12 & 13 August 2021 from 8h30 
Briefing(Obligatory) & signing on              13 August  at 18h00 PRECISELY 
Gala Evening                                                     14 August  2021 at 20h00
Assembly pre-start                                          14 August  2021 07h15
Hillclimb                                                              14 August 2021  First start 07h30
Closure                                                                 14 August 2021   19h00 

2-1  The Course

             The ascent is on the Franche-Comté/Belfort side of the Ballon d'Alsace, starting from the village of LEPUIX 90200 on the RD 465 approximately 1.5km after the crossroads with the Rue Beuchiniére, finishing at the sliproad leading to the Ski Station La Gentiane. Approximate length 10.5kms.

2-2   Observation of Times- briefing:

              Participants who are not present for the briefing & signing on  risk excluson from the meeting without re-imbursement. Drivers & cars who arrive late for their place on the pre-grille will be obliged to wait for the next start.

ART.3: Inscription - rights to Entry -cancellations

            Please read the various formulae available, all fees must be paid in advance. Only those entry forms accompanied by payment  will be considered.
            In case of your cancellation
             Before           01/04/2021             Full refund of all fees paid.
             Up to the     15/06/2021              Refund of 50% in the form of a voucher.
             From            16/06/2021              Entry forfeit. No refund.
             Entrants who fail to start, or exhibitors who do not take their places, will not be refunded.

3-1:  Conditions of admission.

             Entries are only accepted after studying your dossier. Dossiers may be completed on line, or printed and sent by post to the Organisers who will acknowledge receipt if the dossier is complete and payment has been received. Acceptance or refusal  is conditional on this dossier, and each driver will be notified individually.

ART 4: Vehicles Admitted

             Cars  at least 30 years old will be admitted in categories 1&2
            1-    Pre-War
            2-    Vintage.
            3-    Prestige
            4-    Race car
            Open-top Sports-racing cars and single-seaters will be admitted under certain conditions . Owners should contact the Organisers for further advice.
           The Organisers reserve the right  to determine  the number of cars in each category; and to exclude any vehicle considered dangerous or in poor condition , also
            entrants/teams who do not respect the ethos of the meeting. 
            The numbers  in Cat.3 Prestige will be strictly llmited, regardless of the age of the car,  and will depend on the dossier submitted. Candidates must post their entries in Revival or All Inclusve.
            Cat 4 Race Cars  will also be strictly limited to cars over 25 years old ,  presented in similar condition to their competition history which must be supported with documentation. Entries in
            Formula Revival or Formula Duo.
            The total number of all entries is fixed at 170.

4-1:  Validation of Papers/Documentation:

           For each entry we need to see:
            *The  Entry Form completed and signed
            * The Driving Licence (Also for the  co-pilot if he/she intends to drive)
            * An attestation from the Owner if  he/she is not the driver
            * An Insurance certificate valid for this type of event (see the section on Insurances)
            * A Discharge of Responsability (one per person)

4-2:  Technical Scrutineering:

             The scrutineers will inspect
              *  The presence and correct placing of all required stickers **Failure to observe this point will lead to immediate refusal by the Scrutineers and the Start marshals.
              *  The Brake fluid level
              *  Battery securely fixed
              *  A reflective warning triangle, and flourescent  jackets ( one person in saloons & GT's)
              *  Correct installation of roll-over hoops(not obligatory)
              *  Correct fitting of bucket-seats( not obligatory)
              *  Condition of safety belts (cars after 1 September 1967) or harnesses
              *  A fire extinguisher of at least  1kg capacity, well fixed and in date
              *  A safety helmet suitable for motorsport (one per person)
              *  The condition of the tyres -SLICKS are not permitted**
              *  Absence of fluid leaks
              * Presence of an impermeable groundsheet ,of at least the same area as the car.
              * Noise level checks may be necessary

              *  The start will be refused to any entrant whose vehicle  appears to present a risk to safety. The same applies to any person using or wearing equipment which does not comply with
                  safety requirements.

ART- 5: Order of events:

               5-1:     DISCOVERY  RUN    This is the first climb of the day to enable drivers to explore the track.
               5-2:    DEMONSTRATION  CLIMBS  All subsequent runs .
               5-3:     IN CASE OF ABANDON  the driver must IMMEDIATELY inform the Start Director or the nearest Marshal.

ART -6: Obligatory Equipment:

               6-1:     Safety helmets of a type approved for motorsport for the driver and co-driver or passenger.
               6-2:    A fire Extinguisher of at least 1kg , with a valid date stamp and properly fixed.
               6-3:     Safety belts (vehicles registered after 1 September 1967) or harnesses (EU,NF or FAI)
               6-4:     Flourescent jackets for each occupant and a warning triangle.


               Each person takes part in this event at his/her own risk, and must insure themselves and their vehicles accordingly. Each entrant must present to the Organiser a certificate in date and     
               valid specifically for this type of event. (See the section on insurances in the website

            The Organisers decline all responsability for claims relating to drivers,passengers,companions and other entrants. Damage  or injury  occasioned to people and property are the sole responsability of the participants , who must before the start sign the Discharge of Responsabilty.

Third Party liability Day Cover is obligatory for all visiting foreign entrants who cannot provide the specified type of attestation duly stamped and signed.

ART.8: Protection of the Environment. 

              Keeping in mind our concerns for The Planet, we are bound to take care of the places we use. Starting with this 2021 edition of MHIBA, it wll be necessary to park your car on an                   
              impermeable groundsheet WHETHER OR NOT A LEAK IS EVIDENT, of at least the same area as the vehicle, whenever it is in the Paddock.

ART.9: Exhibitors & Partners.

               The Organisers make available dedicated spaces for the Exhibitors and Partners to exhibit, demonstrate and sell their products & activities.
               The Exhibitors and Partners declare that they hold  Insurance policies covering claims for Third Party & Public Damage , including claims from other participants.

ART.10: Co-drivers and Passengers:

               The Co-drivers and passengers must wear equipment similar to the drivers. The minimum permitted age is 14yrs.

ART.11: Conduct - Compliance with signals:

                11.1:               Use of mobile telephones during the runs is strictly forbidden.
                11.2:               You are reminded that that this is a Demonstration event ,NOT a competition. All participants must show respect for each other, especially during overtaking which is  
                                       permitted bearing in mind that the slower car has priority, and the overtaking car must  take precautions.
                11.3:              Drivers must at all times observe and respect orders and signals given by the Course Directors and the Marshals,especially the signals given with coloured flags:
                GREEN          ALL CLEAR
               YELLOW       SLOW DOWN, HAZARD AHEAD
               BLUE              ANOTHER CAR IS TRYING TO PASS YOU
               RED                 STOP IMMEDIATELY

               11.4         Every  entrant must agree to comply without argument  the instructions given by Marshals  or the Course Director .

                11.5             You are reminded that the zones between the chicane and the Arrival arch, and between the latter and the STOP , are for slowing down and must be driven slowly.

ART.12: Publicity , Door Numbers:

              For the hillclimb, two door numbers must be displayed as well as official publicity stickers provided by the Organisers  in the places shown on the sticker plan. Cars must not be presented for scrutineering without these. 

Checks  will also be made  on the pre-start grid. and the start will be refused for cars which do not comply with this and Rule 13. Refunds will not be made.

ART.13: Starting Order: 

                  Your door number corresponds to your starting number, also the order for the convoy returning from the summit. If necessary you must regain your correct position in line after refuelling , otherwise you may be refused the re-start.

 ART.14:Acceptance of the Regulations:

                   The fact of signing an entry form implies your complete acceptance of these Regulations, and your signature forms part of your contract with us. Exhibitors and Partners accept that in no circumstances can the Organisers be held responsible for loss, theft or damage however caused.

ART.15: Covid 19:

                In the context of the present situation, it is impossible to foresee how the pandemic will develop by August 2021.Whatever happens, we will apply whatever protocol is imposed on us , to the extent that it is not incompatible with running an event such as a Historic Hillclimb.
If we are obliged to cancel the event, we will refund the major part of the entry fees, retaining the sum of 35€ from each entrant  to partly  cover expenses already incurred and minimise the loss which we shall incur from cancellation.

ART.16: Protests:

                All complaints concerning the running of this event will be  considered by the Organisation , whose decision is final ,without appeal. The Organisation is not required to justify its decision.
The present Regulations and all information relating to the  MHIBA may be found on our website .
This is the current edition and may be subject to revision. Please check regularly for updates.

MHIBA REGS  2021 -5.  updated 14/5/21






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