Montee Historique International du Ballon d'Alsace - MHIBA
Friday 12 - Saturday 13 August 2022
Special Regulations

ART.1: Organisation

                    The Associatiion Historally , 88200  SAINT NABORD, France
                     will organise on the 12th & 13th of August  2022 the Montee Historique du Ballon d'Alsace.
                    Thiis is a non-competitive demonstration  hillclimb on closed roads.

1.1                Secretaries' Office:  Historally, 8 Impasse Maldoyenne , 88200 REMIREMONT  France

1.3     Organiser                                                                                                                                                 Jean-Pierre Munsch
          Course Director                                                                                                  Serge Mistri - Didier Gerardin-Fredaric Patou
          General Manager/co-ordination                                                                                                        Gilles Lalevee
          Technical and Safety Director                                                                                                             André Senn
          Assistant   "    "     "    "    "    "                                                                                                                 François  Huot
          Chief Marshal                                                                                                                                           Séverine Herbet
          In Charge of competitors' paddock area                                                                  Dominique Thiriet - Pascal Remy
          Scrutineers                                                                                              Claude Thiriet , Romain Delarue , Joél Cauvé
          Medias                                                                                                                                                       Marc Henry
          Relations - Residents and  neighbours                                                                                              Lionel Jeannin
          Social networks, public announcements                                                                                             Lionel Jeannin
          Transport, construction , boutiques                                                                                                   Philippe Robert
          Secrétariat Technique                                                                                                                          Gilles Bossens
          Secrétariat                                                                                Brigitte Bresson, Christiane Cauvé,Mailry Saunier

1.4       Description of the Event:
             A revival meeting to celebrate the famous hillclimb  epreuves of the Ballon d'Alsace. Non-compettve. There will be no ttming and no class results.
             The Route RD 465 will be closed and reserved for this demonstration on Saturday 13 August 2022
             Cars admissible must have been constructed before  31/12/ 1992 ( certain rare and exceptional vehicles  may be included at the organisers' discretion)

ART .2: Provisuonal Progamme:

*1    Entries open                                                   16 May 2022
*2    Entries Close                                                 10 August 2022
*3    Welcome Exhibitors & Partners              12 August,1400 onwards
*4    Welcome Teams                                           12 August 2022
*5     Verification documentation etc                 12 August 2022  0900h onwards
*6    Technical scrutineering                              12 August 2022 0900h onwards
*7    Briefing(mandatory) and signing on      12 August 2022  at 1900h
*8    Gala Evening (Location to be confirmed). 13 August  at 1930h
*9    Pre-start Assembly                                     13 August 7h15 at the  start
*10   First Climb                                                    13 August 7h30
*11     End of event                                                  13 August 19h30


2.1:    The Route
          The route follows the RD 465 , starting at St.Maurice sur Moselle.  9kms to finish at the summit.

2.2:   Presence and Punctuality

           Drivers/Teams who are not present for the Briefing risk exclusion  from the meeting without any refund. Cars & drivers who are late for the pre-start assembly will have to wait for the next start.  

ART.3: Entries ,Cancellations,Admission
      Please read the various forms of admission , the fees are payable in advance.  Entries will only be processed when payment has been received.
      In case of your cancellation
          Before  01/05/2022            Full refund of entry fees.
           After  01/05/2022 up to 31/07/2022  refund in the form of a voucher for 50%
           After  1/8/2022               No refund.
      Participants who do not show up for the start, or exhibitors who do not arrive, will not receive a refund.

3.1: Conditions of acceptance
      Entries are only accepted on completed dossiers, which should be completed on line or sent in writing to the Organisers
      who will acknowledge receipt only  when payment has been  received.
      The Organisation  will then consider the application and decide on acceptance or refusal.
      Each driver wiil be notified individually.

ART 4: Eligible Cars:
      Cars of at least 30 years old will be admitted in Categories 1 &2.
      1-     Pre-war.
      2-     Vintage.
      3-     Prestige.
      4-     Racing Car.
      Single-seat Sports-racing cars ,either closed or open wheels, are acceptable under certain conditions. Owners should
      contact the Organisers in advance.
      The Organisers reserve the right to limit the number of cars in each category, and to refuse any vehicle they consider
      dangerous or in poor condition; likewise any entrant/team whose conduct is contrary to the ethics of the meeting.
      Category 3 Prestige will be for a limited number of cars of Prestige regardless of their age, details to be studied on the
      entry form.
      Category 4 Race Car will be limited to authentic cars aged at least 25 years, presented in a condition and livery
      corresponding to their competition history, which must be documented. Entrants are obliged to inscribe in
     Formula Vintage or All Inclusive.
      The maximum number of entries is fixed at 170 
MHIBA regs 2022-3

ART 4.1: Inspection/verification of documents
       The Organisers will require:
       The entry application form (normally in advance)completed and signed.
       The driving licence(also that of the copilot if he/she intends to drive)
       Authorisation by the owner if he is other than the driver
       A Certificate of Insurance specifically for this event (see notes in the entry forms)
       A discharge of responsability (one for each person)

 4.2: Technical Inspection(scrutineering)
       The Scrutineers wiil inspect:
       Correct display of stickers, in particular the door numbers.
       Failure to observe this point will mean refusal at the control and the start.
       The level  of brake-fluid
       Secure fixing of the battery
       The presence of a warning triangle and flourescent jackets(one per person) -saloons and GT.
       The roll-over bar (not obligatory)
       The bucket seats(not obligatory)
       The condition of safety belts or harnesses (vehicles after 01/09/1967)
       T he presence of a fire extinguisher of at least 1kg, well fixed and in date
       Crash helmets suitable for motor sport
       The condition of the  tyres *NB*  Slicks are not permitted.
       Absence of any fluid leaks.
       The presence of a  leak-proof  and oil-resistant groundsheet  at least equal to the  area of the vehicle.

 Any car which does not carry sufficient safety equipment may be refused a start. The same applies to drivers or passengers who do not wear suitable protective clothing and equipment.

ART 5: Order of events:

   5.1   Trial run - this is the first run of the day when drivers can inspect and discover the course.

    5.2     Demonstration runs  - all the subsequent runs are intended to be demonstrations.


ART.6: Obligatory equipment

      6.1     A crash helmet approved for motor sport  is requred for the driver AND passengers.
      6.2     A fire extinguisher of 1kg minimum , well fixed, is mandatory.
      6.3     Safety belts (vehicles after 1 September 1967) or harness
     6.4      Flourescent jackets , and a warning triangle.

 ART.7: Insurance

Each team takes part in this demonstration  at their own risk, and should therefore Insure themselves appropriately.

The Organisers' Insurance includes  Third Party (responsability civile) cover for the assembly on public roads.

The Organisers decline all responsability direct or indirect   for damage or injury caused between drivers, teams, helpers and any other persons taking part or attending the event.
Daily insurance for Civil Responsability  is required by teams visiting from abroad who cannot provide an attestation signed and stamped by their regular Insurers.

ART.8: Protection of the environment

Conscious of the need to care for our planet, we must protect the surroundings we use. It will be necessary to place under your car , whether it leaks or not, an impermeable
groundsheet  at least as large as the vehicle ,while it is parked in the paddock area.

ART.9:Exhibitors & partners

We will make available a space or area for our Partners and Exhibitors to display, demonstrate and sell their goods or activities
Exhibitors and Partners must show us proof  of Insurance Civil Liability which covers any damage to themselves or to other exhibitors.

ART.10: Co-pilots & passengers.

Co-pilots and passengers must be equipped as the drivers, and must be insured. Minimum age 14 yrs , or minimum height 1.5 metres.
MHIBA regs 2022-3

ART.11: Conduct & respect of instructions

11.1:     Use of mobile telephones during the climbs is strictly forbidden.
11.2:     We remind you that this is a demonstration event, NOT a competition , and all participants must treat each other
             with respect - especially during overtaking which is permitted ; bearing in mind  that the overtaking car must take all
            precautions  to avoid the slower car.
11.3:    Drivers  must also respect the directions and orders given by the Course Director, marshals,
            and in parttcular signals from the Flag Marshals.

          GREEN     All clear

         YELLOW  SLOW , hazard ahead

         BLUE         Another car is trying to pass you

         RED           STOP IMMEDIATELY

11.5:  It ts important to remember that the zones between the last chicane,  Arrival Arch and the final STOP are
           slowing down zones and must be driven very slowly.

ART 12:Publicity, door numbers.

      The placing of  2 door numbers , and any other publicity of the Organisation , in the plan given by the organisers, is obligatory .
      Cars cannot pass the controls or the Start without these stickers being present. Checks will be made at the pre-start assembly
      and cars without these stickers will be refused. No refunds of entry fees will be made.

ART.13: Starting order:

      The door numbers denote the order in which cars should start. This must be adhered to .
      This is also the order for the return run
      so drivers must regain their correct position in the queue at the turn-around point or after  refuelling .

ART.14:Acceptance of the Rules:

     The fact of completing and signing an entry form implies your acceptance of these rules . Exhibitors must remember that the Organisers cannot be held liable for any damage, theft, injury , whether   
   accidental or intentional, which may occur during the event.

ART.15:COVID 19:

      In the present situation , at the time of writing, it is impossible to predict what the  pandemic situation will be in August 2022.
     Whatever happens we will apply any sanitary measures which are imposed on us
      provided that they do not prevent the satisfactory running of such a gathering.
     In the event of cancellation we will refund the entry fees received while retaining 35€ each entry
     to partly cover our expenses and reduce the loss caused by cancellation.

ART.16: In the event of cancellation

     Whatever the cause of the cancellation, the items clothing included in the  Entry Forms will have
      already been purchased. These will be distributed to the intended recipients and deducted from the refund of fees
     at the prices indicated on the entry forms.

ART.17:Protests and complaints

      Any protests about the running of the event  will be considered by the Organisers, whose decision
      shall be final. These present Regulations , as with any other documents relative to the MHIBA,
      are subject to alteration from time to time. The latest versions will be published on the website  .and will be consiidered the point of reference in any disputes.
      Please look for updates regularly.
MHIBA regs 2022-3  updated 05/08/22

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