What's new in 2022
Dear Driving Friends,
     The beginning of January is the right moment for me to wish you all
a great New Year, and especially good health in these difficult times,
and to bring you up to date with our latest information for 2022.

1- The Course

We shall organise 2 groups (see how this works in  Note 2)
Group 1  : All the cars who intend to run the whole 21kms , start to finish, without a pause at the top.
Group 2:  All the cars who wish to pause at the top , then descend at their own pace. This takes in the pre-war cars and any others
          who so wish. Each driver may choose his group.
**naturally the price of entry fees is the same for both groups**

2- Starting Order and Function of the two groups:

The most powerful cars, and those equipped with competition brakes, will start at the head of the group.
From the Start at LE¨PUIX Group 1 runs the whole 21kms to the finish at St.Maurice, without stopping
at the top, -and proceeds directly tothe restart point using the short loop along Rue du Morvan (Mairie- Eglise) where they will form up in the
pre-start order while waiting for the arrival of Group 2.
Group 2  will run the 10.1 kms to the summit, where they will wait for the last car to arrive before descending  at
a leisurely pace to St.Maurice .
Group 1 departs St.Maurice , runs the whole distance to Lepuix, where they form up again while waiting for Group 2.
 Group 2  departs St.Maurice  in order, pausing at the top as before, then descends to Lepuix .
.....and so on....

3-Waiting tme ;

This will be kept to a minimum, as Group 2 will take no longer ( and maybe even less time) then the
10 kms run used in previous years.

4-The Places:

BELFORT: Parking de l'Arsenal - verification of documents, paperwork, etc, and technical  scrutineering
Thursday 8/09 in the afternoon; and Friday 9/09 all day.
Paddock and car-park for particpants  Belfort Parking  de l'Arsenal. Security guards for the two nights, Thursday & Friday.
PARADE through Belfort Friday 9/09.

DEPART for LEPUIX early on Saturday morning - Pre-start assembly for 7h.

5-Start Line :  LEPUIX close to the Auberge  de Maraines RD465 Route du Ballon.

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