Insurance Information

To our valued entrants:

In France these Historic Hillclimbs on closed roads are considered in the same category as Track competitions.

Most, if not all Contracts of Insurance proposed by the regular companies, including those who specialise in Historic Vehicles, exclude use on closed tracks, even though there is no timing and no element of competition.

You will understand that under these circumstances we cannot accept the presentation of the simple Green Card.

It is the Civil Responsability which needs to be  guaranteed . For our part we have a contract as Meeting Organiser which we subscribe to with Assurances Lestienne at Reims.

We therefore invite you , for your own peace of mind, to ask your Insurer for a  specific cover note based on the model which appears on this page. NB: If you cannot see it, go to the French page - click on French flag at the top.

If this is not possible, we  must insist on the  Daily Cover  which can also be seen on this page.
We do not provide this Daily Cover, you must send your application to Assurances Lestienne, with the appropriate fee.

Without one of these two documents your application for entry will be refused - regrettable, but necesary.

Yours respectfully,

The Organisers.

Model of certificate of insurance

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